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As we previously reported, the was no lack of fans willing to fund Broken Lizard’s long-awaited sequel to Super Troopers. Of course, that was back in the spring, so Collider’s report that production has finally begun on Super Troopers 2 comes as welcome news. The plot is being kept under wraps, but anybody who’s seen Super Troopers—or any other Broken Lizard film—knows that they’re 45 percent premise, 45 percent troupe chemistry and catchphrases, 8 percent perfectly cast cameos, and 2 percent plot. Or, put another way, the chances are pretty good that the gang will still be using their positions in law enforcement to torment local teenagers, chase down that dank John Chimpo weed, and subject Kevin Heffernan’s Farva to a heap of well-deserved hazing.

Shooting began this past friday outside Boston, and Heffernan’s Twitter feed reveals that the gang has somehow managed to get their old State Trooper jobs back, and Thorny is still sporting his sweet mustache:


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