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Crossguard lightsaber becomes a bone of contention for Jedi and Sith

That trailer for The Force Awakens sure was something, wasn’t it? Jam-packed with John Williams music, next-gen Stormtroopers, FIFA-droids, the Millennium Falcon, and some girl riding a hover-fridge; it had everything. Buried in that tantalizing footage was a rather controversial object: a lightsaber with a “tri-beam crossguard.” Upon seeing it, the Internet was divided, as if cleaved in two by an elegant weapon from a more civilized age. We couldn’t decide if the weapon was a cool artifact from Sith lore, or just some gimmicky crap designed to pander to fanboys (Hint: It’s the latter).

The debate is apparently taking place across the galaxy. Sketch group The Warp Zone imagines how the weapon would figure into combat as Sith and Jedi square off. Naturally, the Sith Lord thinks his crossguard is pretty badass. The Jedi Knight? Not so much. Its practicality is quickly called into question, and combat grinds to a halt while the Sith is forced to defend his choice of weapon. As he delivers his dubious defense, you’ll learn plenty about focusing crystals, blade energy channels, and arc waves.

[via Laughing Squid]


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