Although Michael Bay has earned accolades for being firmly on the side of “against drowning puppies,” he’s currently under fire himself for his own questionable treatment of film extras: Today Deadline fills in the details of some earlier reports on 24-year-old Gabriella Cedillo’s recent critical injury on the Indiana set of Transformers 3, a mishap that also involved the destruction of her own personal car—which, like many other extras, she was reportedly paid $25 to use. For that small sum (and also, you know, for art), Cedillo allowed her Toyota to be strapped to a tow-rig for a scene “involving multiple vehicles and drivers and flying cars,“ during which a steel cable broke and smashed through her windshield, cutting her across the head.  The car then sped away, hitting a concrete median wall, which it scraped along for about a mile. Cedillo got out of surgery yesterday and remains in stable condition; state police are currently investigating. Representatives for the film have yet to respond—though Deadline’s “informant” on set warns that “somebody’s head [is] gonna roll over this one” (which is certainly unfortunate phrasing).