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Cristin Milioti to play a wide-eyed cynic in FX pilot from It’s Always Sunny team

How I Met Your Mother (and promptly betrayed her upon her death)

Proving that being married to a pretentious TV dickhead wears on a person, Cristin Milioti is ditching the rom-com genre to lead a new comedy from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia producers (and stars) Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton. The untitled pilot will star Milioti as Maxine, an “entitled actress-turned-process-server who takes lemons and makes a fire out of lemons, burning herself and others.” We assume that she manages to do her job much less conspicuously, though.

But there’s more to Maxine’s life than bitterness and arson—she’ll also “navigate the abject shit-storm that is adulthood” with her best friend Natalie, played by Nina Pedrad (New Girl, 30 Rock), and their other best friend, who hasn’t been cast yet. There’s also a stepbrother named Landis thrown in for good measure. For her part, Natalie’s a drug dealer who wants to be the “Sheryl Sandberg of weed,” so at least she’s got dreams. And just in case you were worried that Milioti would appear in a show not set in New York, her character description includes the tidbit that her friends “let” her sing the Aaron Burr parts in Hamilton. Well, at least she got to spend some time in Minnesota recently.


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