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Nothing boosts a TV show’s ability to pull together a great cast like critical success. (Or, if you’re Scream Queens, possibly you just lock them in a room with Ryan Murphy until they say yes.) And given the bounty of beloved character actors already filling the ranks of the late ’70s Minnesota/South Dakota setting, it seems that Fargo’s big Emmy and Golden Globes wins have paid off handily. But the show still isn’t done casting, and now Deadline reports that Cristin Milioti is set to join the cast for season two of FX’s critically acclaimed drama.


Milioti comes to the show hot off the absolute lack of anything resembling success for the cancelled NBC comedy A To Z, where she presumably played the letter “F,” for “fire my agent, please.” The actor is still best known for the role of the titular mother on How I Met Your Mother, where she pulled off the near-Herculean task of making Ted Mosby seem like a really fun dude. She will be joining Fargo opposite Ted Danson and Patrick Wilson, playing the former’s daughter and the latter’s wife. Her character, Betsy, is described as a “woman of the plains—pretty but firm—she can both jump start a car and make a casserole, clean a gun as well as the gutters.” She sounds like someone who may be of use to Kirsten Dunst’s scheming character, although Milioti is probably just looking forward to playing someone, anyone, other than a twentysomething Manhattanite looking for love.

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