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Screenshot: Lucky Day (YouTube)

Crispin Glover’s always the best part of whatever movie he’s in—see: Hot Tub Time Machine, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, the Charlie’s Angels movies—but it’s rare to see him in a role that feels perfectly calibrated to his offbeat brand of charisma. We know he’s off making bizarro art movies in his Prague castle (and, of course, guesting on American Gods), but we’re nevertheless itching to see him in more studio fare, which is why the trailer for Roger Avary’s Lucky Day has us quivering with excitement.


Avary, the Pulp Fiction co-writer who went on direct Killing Zoe and The Rules of Attraction, wrote and directed the feature, which follows a safe cracker played by Luke Bracey who emerges from prison only to find himself pursued by a hitman played by Glover.

This isn’t just any contract killer, however. Luc, as he’s so called, speaks in a cartoonish French accent as he lays waste to the masses with the kind of artillery favored by ‘80s-era Arnold Schwarzenegger. By the looks of it, Glover’s performance is pitched to the garish, candy-colored aesthetic of Avary’s fast-paced direction, resulting, we can only hope, in a turn that’s distinctly Gloverian.

Nina Dobrev and Clifton Collins, Jr. co-star in the action-comedy, which hits theaters and VOD this Friday.

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