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Crisis On Infinite Earths confirms Watchmen as a part of the Arrowverse...’s things to watch

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Crisis On Infinite Earths has been a lot of fun so far—and very eventful! It’s kind of amazing that with all the plot they’re churning through, the writers of the Arrowverse have managed to make room for—and, for the most part, to justify—a seemingly endless stream of cameos from DC players past and present. In three episodes, Crisis has made the following shows and people a part of the Arrowverse canon: Kevin Conroy’s Batman, The WB’s Birds Of Prey and Smallville, DC Universe’s Titans, Brandon Routh’s Superman (a Kingdom Come Supes, no less), Burt Ward from Batman ’66, Wil Wheaton, Robert Wuhl of the Tim Burton Batman, Griffin Newman of The Tick, and the list goes on. One of last night’s most pleasant surprises was the appearance of Lucifer’s Lucifer (Tom Ellis) on Earth-666. It’s a lot, in a really enjoyable way.


Well, thanks to eagle-eyed commenter crackblind, we now know that as of last night’s episode (technically an episode of The Flash), one more DC property has been confirmed as a part of the Arrowverse universe: Watchmen. Better still, this particular cameo doesn’t so much confirm Angela Abar (Regina King) and company as part of the Arrowverse as it confirms Regina King herself as part of the Arrowverse, meaning what whatever madness happens when the final two parts of the Crisis air in January, the surviving characters will be able to catch up on “A God Walks Into Abar” to distract themselves. At least they can on Earth-666—the Lucifer earth, naturally.

We have questions. Does this mean the Arrowverse characters can also binge Succession? Because we have a feeling the Legends would love Succession. And Kara and her DEO friends would have been very disappointed by the second season of Big Little Lies, no? What other networks do they have? Are they watching Stumptown? Did they get Fleabag? Surely Black Siren watches RuPaul’s Drag Race, no? Do any of these people watch The Great British Baking Show? Because they could all use a little Baking Show, you know?


Anyway, thanks, commenters!

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