Looking for something nostalgic but relatively horrible to listen to on a Friday afternoon? The A.V. Club has the record for you. This Is What "Na Na" Means, the Clarissa Explains It All record, may have come out in August, 1994, but it's been making the Internet rounds the past couple of days and oh man, it's awful.

The record, released about two months before the series finale of Clarissa, features a series of cuts ostensibly performed by Clarissa and her whole gang. Clifford Spleenherfer is allegedly on bass, while Sam mans the soundboard. Clarissa croons the '90s-riffic tracks, including an absolutely abysmal "rock" take on the Clarissa theme song featuring lines like, "Wake up you purple boy. Here's your cup of rain." Oof.


All of this is not to say that fans of the show shouldn't listen to the record immediately, especially if they're fans of hokey Ferguson jokes and songs about wanting cars, which, who isn't?