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Screenshot: CBS This Morning (YouTube)

Avid Spoon fan and presidential nominee Pete Buttigieg made an appearance on CBS This Morning Thursday, where he let the audience know that his musical tastes extend well beyond Panic! At the Disco’s “High Hopes.”

Standing stiffly next to Lizzo, who will potentially dominate at this year’s Grammys, Mayor Pete responded to Gayle King’s question about whether he’s had a DNA test—a nod to Lizzo’s hit single, “Truth Hurts”— by saying, “Yes, and I am 100% that...nominee.” Lizzo, thinking the man might actually drop the “bitch” from her original lyrics—would’ve been funny, actually—tries to stop him, but then, relieved, jokingly fans herself while having flashbacks of Hilary Clinton telling voters to “Pokémon GO to the polls.” Cringe as hell.

Lizzo and Pete also got a photo together, though it looks more like the they met at a car dealership than a backstage production area. Please note Lizzo’s icy death stare, which we’ll just assume is aimed at her publicist. At least Pete got what he wanted. Look at that smirk.


Pete’s addressed his struggles to win over Black voters as of late, saying he’s “got a lot more work to do to earn” their trust.

Hopefully that work involves more than quoting Lizzo on live TV.


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