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Cringe at how expensive it was to film these deleted scenes

Photo: 20th Century Fox

People stopped caring about deleted scenes pretty soon after DVDs became a thing (unless they’re Star Wars-related). Truly, there’s a reason most of these things were deleted. Now, it’s not the content of a deleted scene that captures the attention so much as the waste of time, effort, and money it took to film what was essentially a fruitless endeavor. A new video from Looper compiles some of the most wasteful, and it’s a volume of lost footage that could’ve funded a dozen or so indies.

While some of the films included on this list, including World War Z and Little Shop Of Horrors, deleted entire acts rather than scenes, others found themselves taking a huge financial hit on just a single, lonely scene. One such example is the original opening of 2006’s Superman Returns, which filmed a sumptuous, contemplative opening on Krypton that was scuttled for its lack of explosions. Yeah, that cost them $10 million. Oops!


Also, did you know that Rogue was supposed to be in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Or that Eric Stoltz almost played Marty McFly in Back To The Future? Yeah, you probably did, but it’s still neat.

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