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Two young women without a lot of options decide to steal from the hotel rooms they’ve been hired to clean. Pretty straightforward. But what happens when you pick the lock on a suitcase and find a giant brick of cocaine?

If the tense, atmospheric first trailer for writer-director Sonejuhi Sinha’s Stray Dolls is to be believed, the answer is ‘nothing good.’

Picked up after last year’s Tribeca Film Festival by Samuel Goldwyn Films, the story centers on Riz (Geetanjali Thapa), who emigrated from India to escape life in a gang. She’s given a job and a place to stay by a seemingly kindly motel manager (Cynthia Nixon) but has to share a room with another down-on-her-luck young woman, the rowdy Dallas (Olivia DeJonge), whose machinations ultimately lead to Riz finding that aforementioned coke. What happens after that remains to be seen—though again, the trailer doesn’t exactly promise musical numbers and talking animals. We’ll know for sure when it arrives in select theaters on April 10.


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