Photo: Adam Berry (Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

Less than a month after production of Bond 25 had to be delayed when Daniel Craig injured his ankle during filming, a crew member has suffered a “minor injury” from a “controlled explosion” on the set of the still-unnamed sequel. That announcement came from the series’ official Twitter account (via Variety), with the post simply saying that nobody who was physically on the set was injured, but that the explosion caused some damage “to the exterior of the 007 stage” and, apparently, is how the crew member got injured. We don’t know what the injury was or what the crew member’s name is, but this is the second time someone on this set has gotten hurt—even if the circumstances seem completely unrelated.


Variety says that the production has already noted that this injury will not “cause a delay to the overall schedule,” so at least we’re worrying about the important things. Anyway, Bond 25 is being directed by Cary Fukunaga, and it’s set to release next April.