In an act as cruel as it is unusual, WYNC’s Soundcheck recently sat The Office’s Creed Bratton down and forced him to listen to Creed the band. Reacting about as you’d expect from someone unfamiliar with their music, Creed the actor (famous for playing “Creed” the character) asked, “Is he gargling with glass?” If only it were that simple. But alas, thanks to his Buddhist leanings, Creed the man ultimately forgave Creed the band, reasoning, “If they hear my stuff they might not like my stuff either. It’s a personal choice.” By "my stuff," Bratton means his music—he was the lead singer of '60s band The Grass Roots, and continues to release music (with notably awful album covers). If you can stand to hear the brief nuggets of “With Arms Wide Open” or “Higher,” check out the whole interview below. [viaVideogum.]