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Creators of How I Met Your Mother are working on another New York sitcom

Deadline reports that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, creators of How I Met Your Mother (and architects of one of TV’s most infamous bait-and-switches), have just sold a new New York-based sitcom to CBS. The half-hour comedy, New York Mythological, will be executive produced and written by Bays and Thomas, and will center on a Midwestern girl who moves to Manhattan to experience the “magic of New York,” which we assume is not just a euphemism for ridiculously high rents. Perhaps the young transplant will learn that Pizza Rat is actually a disgraced prince under some kind of spell, or will bump into Eddie Redmayne in his search for fantastic beasts. More likely, though, she will grow increasingly pretentious and long-winded, and end up spending most of her days in a bar on the Upper West Side, alternately regretting and forgetting the great love of her life.


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