In a combo the network winkingly refers to as “leather and lace,” ha ha, Fox has brought together 24 showrunner Howard Gordon and Glee showrunner Ryan Murphy to create a new drama project, described as a “high-concept character-driven procedural that deals with making people face their worst fears and phobias.” The show will center on a psychiatrist—who, and we’re just guessing here, will probably have some difficulty in his personal relationships because his unique intellect has caused him to become jaded, and who will maybe even have his own secret fears and phobias that he’s yet to deal with, quelle ironique!—who will help his patients solve mysteries that occasionally delve into the supernatural, a la The X-Files (which Gordon also worked on). We’re not sure if this is meant to replace the previously reported pilot Panic Attack, a prospective Fox reality show where people confront their worst fears and phobias by having an unsettlingly identical-looking British couple shout at them. If both shows are headed to its lineup, then maybe Fox is trying to turn “phobias” into the new Gordon Ramsay.