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Creative Adult (Photo courtesy of Run For Cover Records)

Since the release of its debut full-length in 2013, Creative Adult has been pushing itself in new directions. Coming August 5 on Run For Cover Records, Fear Of Life sees the band pushing the post-punk sounds it’s become known for to the breaking point. The A.V. Club is premiering “Moving Window” below, which starts with an Oasis-like jangle before throwing a handful of dirt on it. Over the course of three and a half minutes, it becomes something bleaker than its initial influences, making a song that draws clear references to English post-punk and brit-pop but rips itself apart with each chorus. Of the song, Frontman Scott Phillips said the following about the song’s inspiration:

A few years ago I was on a bus from San Francisco to Rohnert Park; Route 80 (which no longer exists). The woman seated beside me was reading a book. I think it was Cormack McCarthy. She set it down in her lap and started conversing. “I saw the movie awhile back but the book is always better.” To which I said “yeah, definitely” or something equally engaging. We exchanged pleasantries for another twenty-or-so minutes before she got off in downtown Petaluma. No sentimental goodbyes or anything out of the ordinary. After all, we were not friends or lovers; just two strangers going about their day. Two people on different paths sharing a moment in time. It’s possible we’ve crossed paths since but there’s no way of knowing. We all have these experiences all the time. I don’t know what it means but I guess this song is just an homage to wandering minds worldwide; the perma-dreamers and observant types fascinated with trivial inquiries or small interactions.


Pre-orders for Fear Of Life are available now.

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