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Crazy man tries to attack Today Show hosts with his awesome music

That The Today Show often broadcasts live from the open outdoors in Rockefeller Center means it’s long been a target for people trying to get on TV, but typically this is limited to tourists waving banners crowded with inscrutable in-jokes. This morning, shit got a little more real as what the New York Post describes as a “deranged 33-year-old from Brooklyn” lunged over the barricade toward hosts Meredith Vieira, Willie Geist, and Al Roker, prompting Vieira to exclaim, “Jesus!” as security immediately rushed to subdue him. You can check it out in the video below, although the camera cuts away immediately from the incident to Ann Curry, whose stern implacability has never seemed more appropriate. Later the hosts discuss what happened, with Roker saying that the man was shouting, “I’m God’s gift to music!” Well, he is from Brooklyn.


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