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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator Aline Brosh McKenna signs overall deal with ABC Studios

Aline Brosh McKenna
Aline Brosh McKenna
Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / Contributor (Getty Images)

Sheeeeeee waaaaaaaaaaaas working hard at a CBS job, but now Aline Brosh McKenna is packing up and moving to the Disney-owned ABC Studios. (No, she is not moving because Josh Chan just happens to be there. Josh Chan is fictional.)


According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Lesley Goldberg, the co-creator and showrunner of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend departs CBS TV Studios for a three-year pod deal with the Disney-owned studio. Brosh McKenna, who also wrote the screenplay for The Devil Wears Prada and other films, recently founded Lean Machine, a production company which will “create and develop new projects for all platforms for ABC Studios,” per Goldberg.

“I hope Lean Machine will be a home for material that is character-driven, inclusive, human and which puts writers and writing at the center of the creative process,” Brosh McKenna told THR.

Anything that means more TV from Brosh McKenna is okay by us, and this announcement includes some details about the first project in development through Lean Machine—a potential Hulu series called Hit. Brosh McKenna will co-write and executive produce the project alongside Alden Derck, also an alumnus of the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend writers’ room. Hit “revolves around a young pop star, struggling to write her debut album, who gets stuck in a songwriting bootcamp organized by the anxious execs at her record label,” which sounds just about right for that team. Derck and Brosh McKenna are joined by director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, who wrote and directed the 2019 Netflix film Someone Great.

When The A.V. Club visited the set of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend last year, we learned a bit about Brosh McKenna’s commitment to developing other artists. Here’s how the show’s Emmy-winning choreographer, Kathryn M. Burns, put it:

“I’ve been shadowing Aline to learn more about the directing process and scene work, things like that. She really wants me to start directing. I think she asked me more questions than she otherwise would have.”

So Lean Machine’s focus should come as no surprise, and nor should the involvement of another up-and-coming writer. Brosh McKenna’s news is the latest in a string of announcements involving the cast and creative team behind Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, including Vella Lovell joining Tina Fey and Robert Carlock’s Ted Danson-starring untitled L.A. mayor series, co-creator Rachel Bloom’s pilot at Pop TV and musical adaptation of The Nanny, and writer Ilana Peña’s new Disney+ series Diary Of A Future President, among others.

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