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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend begins its victory lap with this exclusive clip from a making-of documentary

Screenshot: The CW

“So we did a funny thing,” Aline Brosh McKenna tells The A.V. Club. “We were wrapping the whole series, and then we decided to make a behind-the-scenes documentary, and a concert special. So Rachel [Bloom] and I have been racing around, making two things we’ve never made before, after wrapping a very long, 17 episode season.” She takes a pause, and adds, “Hilarious.”

There’s one week to go until Crazy Ex-Girlfriend takes its final bows—well, final, until Bloom and company storm the stage of Radio City Music Hall for a pair of back-to-back shows in May—but the goodbye has already begun. The penultimate episode airs tonight, the series finale and live concert special next Friday, but Rebecca Bunch devoteés and/or West Covina enthusiasts can get a glimpse into the making of the finale with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Oh My God I Think It’s Over. The documentary, from the show’s team and filmmaker Katie Hyde, hits CW Seed (The CW’s free streaming service) at 10 p.m. tonight, immediately following the new episode.


Brosh McKenna shared the doc’s opening moments with The A.V. Club, which you can watch below. There are a only a few scant glimpses of things-to-come in the clip, but the same can’t be said of the full hour, Brosh McKenna warns: “It’s quite spoilery. I would say it’s like an eight out of 10 on spoilers. But it’s a question of what your appetite for spoilers is. You’ll know once you watch it what the last song of the show is, because you’ll see the process of making that last song. There’s a puzzle you can put together almost, in terms of the little bits and bobs that are in the documentary, but it’s not going to spoil the end.”

Watch the clip below, then keep an eye out for The A.V. Club’s recap of tonight’s episode, “I Have A Date Tonight,” later this evening.

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