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Crawl to see Alexandre Aja's new killer 'gator movie for free

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Hey, did you hear the one about Alexandre Aja and Sam Raimi teaming up for a movie about giant alligators who eat people in Florida during a hurricane? Sounds awesome, right? Well, good news, monster-movie fans: that movie is called Crawl, and it looks like a real nail-biter based on the very Don’t Breathe-esque trailer that was released back in May.

We’re giving away 50 sets of code carriers—basically, codes you can redeem for a pair of tickets to this particular film at a box office or on the Fandango website—to see Crawl in theaters at some point during its initial theatrical run. To enter to win yours, simply follow this link and enter some basic information. No refunds if you get eaten by hungry ‘gators on your way to the theater, though. That’s on you.


Crawl opens in theaters nationwide on July 12.

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