Adding further insult to the still-fresh injury of losing Heath Ledger, Starz announced today that Paul Haggis' Crash (a.k.a. the After-School Special For Yuppies that stole Best Picture from Brokeback Mountain) is being developed into a 13-episode miniseries, the cable network's first foray into original drama. While Haggis, star/producer Don Cheadle, and co-writer Bobby Moresco will contribute behind the scenes, none of the original cast or their characters are expected to make it to the show, meaning producers will have to turn to lesser, unproven talent to throw into contrived situations and convey trite observations about racism. (And no, this story has nothing whatsoever to do with David Cronenberg's Crash. If you're looking for weekly doses of people having sex with open wounds, you'll have to continue foraging in the wilds of the Internet.)