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Craig Rowin, the guy who successfully begged $1 million from the Internet, confirms: "This is for real"

As you may have read in our Great Job, Internet! post, comedian (and contributor to The Onion) Craig Rowin recently succeeded in his quest to wrangle $1 million out of the Internet, simply by asking for it. Naturally, this elicited a few questions on our end, and since Rowin is part of the Onion family and all, we followed his lead and just asked him. Here’s our brief exchange:

The A.V. Club: Is this for real?

Craig Rowin: This is for real.

AVC: No, really. You really got someone to give you $1 million?

CR: For real for real.

AVC: Who would give you $1 million? Who would do that?

CR: A millionaire that has $1 million to spare.

AVC: Are you sure this isn't just a cheap ploy to get people to come to your show, and then everyone will see you get a giant fake novelty check, and then you'll bring out a trombonist to go “wah-waaaah” or something?


CR: I'm sure. The show will be awesome. I promise I will raffle off a new Blu-Ray of the Back To The Future's 25th Anniversary Release.

AVC: If it’s real, then what will you do with your money? What does this mean for your comedy career?

CR: Not quite sure what I'll do with the money. Invest some of it, and probably buy a lot of pairs of the same kind of New Balance that I have now. They are comfortable.

So yeah. Apparently, this is real. If you live in New York, you can see Rowin accept his real check—and possibly win a copy of Back To The Future on Blu-ray—at the UCB Theatre on Feb. 2. 


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