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Craig Robinson will oversee the Caraoke Showdown on Spike TV

Mr. Robinson

Here’s more proof that eventually all of our TV show ideas will come from late night: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spike TV has just ordered Caraoke Showdown, a new half-hour, karaoke-inspired game show. A kind of Carpool Karaoke-Cash Cab hybrid, Caraoke Showdown will feature “unsuspecting contestants” who are nonetheless eager to jump into a stranger’s car to sing along with popular songs for money.

Craig Robinson will host the series, though it’s not clear if he’ll also be driving the car for the showdowns, or if he’ll be allowed to sit in the back with the contestants to accompany them on his keyboard. Caraoke Showdown is currently being treated as a “one-off special” but considering what a ratings success Lip Sync Battle has been for Spike, there’s a good chance the series will be offered a more permanent spot. And, perhaps noting that most of the joy of watching Lip Sync Battle stems from watching celebrities on stage, Spike TV has already lined up some famous folks for Caraoke Showdown. (They’re eventually just going to rename this Staraoke Showdown, right? Right.)


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