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Mr. Robinson

Deadline reports that Craig Robinson—Mr. Robinson, if you’re NBC—has joined the cast of USA’s Mr. Robot. Robinson, who was squandered on the short-lived sitcom, will play Ray, a “neighborhood local who reaches out to Elliot (Rami Malek) in his time of need.” There’s no word on what exactly Ray will need help with—will he struggle with coming up with a hilarious name for his home wi-fi network, or will he just want to borrow Elliot’s HBO Go password? (If it’s the former, we can already picture the hilarious scene in which Ray makes Elliot nervous because he wants to name his network “Mr. Robot.”) Robinson will be in a recurring role, so whatever the issue is, it will probably require more troubleshooting than turning the device off, then back on again.

Season two of Mr. Robot, which was green-lit before the series premiere had ever aired, will also feature The Newsroom’s Grace Gummer as the FBI agent tasked with investigating the hack heard ’round the world last season. We also know that series creator Sam Esmail will likely direct all 10 episodes of the new season, which is expected to premiere by mid-2016.


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