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Craig Robinson teams up with Lisa Loeb for new all-ages single

(Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images and Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Lisa Loeb has just released the first single from her upcoming all-ages album, titled Feel What U Feel. The singer-songwriter isn’t alone on her Inside Out-esque anthem to non-judgmental acceptance, though: she’s recruited Mr. Robot guest star, Caraoke Showdown host, and all-around musical comedy superstar Craig Robinson to help her out.

Robinson and Loeb take turns rapping over the song, a kind-hearted ode to self-acceptance. (Emotional states the song says its okay to feel include, “no honey with your tea-able” and “ants in your pants, oh my!”) Bright and peppy, it’s a far cry from the stereotypical “Lisa Loeb song” that the “Stay” singer first got famous for more than 20 years ago; instead, she cites sources like The Muppets and The Carol Burnett Show for the album’s cheerful vibe. You can listen to the new song over at Entertainment Weekly. Meanwhile, Feel What U Feel is available on Oct. 7.


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