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Illustration for article titled Craig Robinson gets his own NBC show from emThe Office/ems Greg Daniels

As rescue choppers continue to circle The Office's sinking ship, Craig Robinson has now joined Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, and Angela Kinsey among those selected for survival by pulling them out and setting them afloat with shows of their own. Like Wilson, Robinson will soon be sailing the same waters with a familiar captain, landing a deal to star in a new series from Office producer Greg Daniels at NBC. The as-yet-untitled show finds Robinson playing a talented yet struggling musician forced to swallow his pride and teach at a middle school, where he deals with the other teachers and hits on single moms in that Craig Robinson way. The premise should make good use of Robinson's own, oft-seen skills of playing the keyboard, as well as the leftover plot of The Steve Harvey Show that's just been sitting there, gathering dust all over its suit. Anyway, only a half-dozen other Office employees left to save or let drown; hopefully salvation or watery death hurry before the others cut open Brian Baumgartner and crawl inside to keep warm.


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