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Craig "Please Give Me One Million Dollars" Rowin now a millionaire minus the $1 million part

Wikipedia states that, "million is sometimes used in the English language as a metaphor for a very large number, as in 'Never in a million years.' " A million of something is so much of something, it's often an unfathomable amount of something. Thus when comedian Craig Rowin asked for a million dollars and, purportedly, received it, there was much skepticism in the world (in the six or seven blocks surrounding the big three improv theaters in New York). It was far too much money for one person to secure, let alone via the odd deconstructionist method of simply asking for it enough times. It had to be a hoax, they said—and, failing that, they wanted a cut.

Then, last night at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, Rowin hosted a show that included a raffle, readings of negative YouTube comments by A.V. Club favorite Hannibal Buress, and the presentation of a check for one million dollars.

Or did it?!?

Yep, it was all a hoax. A sham. And, depending on your opinion of the matter, a sham-wow. Rowin told The Comic's Comic that he had the idea for the conclusion around the time he made the third video. Tired of people relentlessly asking whether he'd secured his million dollars yet, he decided to conclude his plight as if he was writing a web series. This included, apparently, lying to our own Sean O'Neal in an interview.


There's only one way to end this, right?

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