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Craig Ferguson, the guy whose recent talk show departure was a slightly overshadowed by a certain conservative immortal on Comedy Central, has lined up his next acting gig. He’ll be starring in The King Of 7B, ABC’s upcoming comedy pilot about an agoraphobic recluse who leaves his apartment for the first time in 11 years because he sees a woman who could be his soulmate moving in down the street. Former Daily Show and Colbert Report executive producer/writer Ben Karlin will be the showrunner. If King Of 7B gets picked up, it’ll be Ferguson’s first regular acting role since he left The Drew Carey Show (he has popped up in various places since then, but nothing on the level of whatever his character was named on that show). We don’t see actors become talk show hosts and then go back to acting very often, so it’ll be interesting to see Ferguson no longer behind a desk. Maybe Jimmy Fallon will take this route someday, and we can finally get the long-awaited sequel to his awful Taxi movie.


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