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Last August, we brought you the news that I Fucking Love Science, a Facebook web page that has the F-word on it, was being developed into a TV show that would go for a vibe more along the lines of “We’re not allowed to say the F-word, but you know what we’re getting at—we’re getting at the word ‘fuck.’” The enthusiastically profane digest of science facts and news is now one step closer to its TV glory. Over the weekend, Craig Ferguson, secretly the best late-night host on television, announced that he is executive-producing I F—ing Love Science. “Think of it as a late-night Google search that goes a hundred pages deep until things get weird—and then you just keep going,” Ferguson said, which is also a decent description of his own Late Late Show on CBS. The new program has been green-lit by Science Channel, that bastion of scientific inquiry and Firefly reruns.


There’s no word on whether Ferguson will host the show, nor is it clear whether Elise Andrew, the proprietor of the Facebook page, will have an on-camera role. After early reports last year that Andrew would host I F—ing Love Science, a post on Science Channel’s official blog says only that she’ll “be a consulting producer on the hour-long show.” Maybe they can get the horse from The Late Late Show to do it, or at least the front half of the horse. [via TheWrap]

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