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Having already exhausted the academic potential of Mountain Men, Ancient Aliens, and Ice Road Truckers, History Channel is now turning to the tattoos of the rich and famous in order to inspire and name its shows. To that end, Deadline is reporting that the network has teamed up with former Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson for a half-hour debate show, Join Or Die. The program, which takes its name from a piece of Revolutionary War propaganda drawn by Benjamin Franklin, and which Ferguson had tattooed on his arm when he became an American citizen in 2008, will feature the comedian debating historical questions like “Who was the worst president?” or—we assume—“What’s the hardest ice road on which to truck?” with a panel of guests.


History has ordered 16 episodes of the new show, which will also feature “extensive digital pieces,” the better to have viewers at home follow along via their own Benjamin Franklin-inspired tattoos. Ferguson’s panel of guests will include both celebrities and historians, who will presumably prove their various points by ripping off their clothes to display their own politically pithy ink.