Continuing an oeuvre of gritty urban dramas like Hustle & Flow and Footloose, director Craig Brewer’s next project will be Paramount’s The Gangster Princess Of Beverly Hills—part of Hollywood’s never-ending chronicle of the rich tapestry of their own neighborhood, and its diverse population of cops, troops, and Chihuahuas. The film is an adaptation of Sabrina Rubin Erdely’s 2012 Rolling Stone article exploring the true story of Lisette Lee, a socialite who passed herself off as an heiress to the Samsung fortune, an actress, a singer, and model, only to have her talent and accomplishments exposed as totally fake, and then someone actually got mad about it, this one time. It probably didn’t help that Lee was actually a drug mule—or, as Erdely’s article puts it, “Beneath the bling were secrets, lies and private jets filled with weed.” As of press time, it is not too late to rename this movie Beverly Hills Weed-Jets.