Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

As exciting as this streaming media revolution has been, getting an unlimited amount of content through the internet with the touch of a button has its downsides. Well, one downside in particular: The ability to choose things is the worst. Who actually wants to grab their iPad and watch a few episodes of Daredevil whenever they want? When presented with crippling freedom like that, turning on regular TV and succumbing to the whims of a traditional schedule often seems like the better option. Luckily, Crackle—one of the streaming services that’s not Netflix or Hulu—is here with a new plan that represents the best of both worlds.

Starting next month, Crackle will introduce a new video feed that will constantly stream pre-scheduled selections from Crackle’s extensive archives—which include Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Seinfeld, a handful of movies that aren’t on Netflix, and uh, Joe Dirt 2 and Dennis Quaid’s The Art Of More. That means you could turn on your computer and maybe see an episode of Seinfeld that has ads and everything, just like on TV! Crackle will still allow users to choose what they want to watch, but who would want to when they have the option to not choose?