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Cracker Barrel is being forced to answer for firing some random guy’s wife

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It sucks any time someone loses their job. Even if it was out of management’s hands, or totally deserved, that’s someone’s livelihood, and it sucks.

Perhaps that is why people throughout the internet have responded to the plight of a man named Brad, whose wife worked at the Cracker Barrel for 11 goddamn years and then apparently got fired on Brad’s fucking birthday. Couldn’t they have waited until it wasn’t his birthday? No, they couldn’t have. As pointed out by comedian Amiri King, Brad took his problem straight to the source: Cracker Barrel’s corporate Facebook page, where he fucking let them know what for.


Others, incensed at the injustice of Brad’s wife’s firing, refused to let the Barrel off.


There are many, many more examples, which you can find on King’s original post or, hell, over on Cracker Barrel’s page, which is still fighting off the swarm beneath pretty much everything they post. The saga continues over on Instagram, where even a nice post like this picture of pan-fried haddock gets inundated with demands for justice for Brad’s wife, who got fired, if you will recall, after 11 years of faithful service on Brad’s birthday.


A petition on Change.org has nearly doubled its goal of 10,000 signatures, meaning that the soulless corporate goons at Cracker Barrel will now be forced to answer for their deeds via physical petition at their corporate office and not just via the clamor of restaurant justice warriors online.


It just goes to show: Brands out there want to be cool on the internet, but that shit goes both ways. You can’t just fire Brad’s wife on his birthday and expect not to hear about it.

[via Eater]


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