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Cover yourself—they're gonna remake Weird Science

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Deadline is reporting that Universal is planning to remake Weird Science, John Hughes' 1985 movie about a couple of high-school geeks who make a sexy woman with their computer and then learn some valuable life lessons. Though it's rarely considered on the same level as the other Hughes movies of the era—The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller's Day Off—it's still considered a classic by those of us who were at just the right age and computer skill-level to appreciate its plot. Some genuinely funny shit happens in Weird Science, particularly the scene in which the geeks are taken to a blues club and get hammered with the locals. (You may begin quoting that scene in the comments.) And there's some literal shit: Bill Paxton's character is turned into a steaming turd at one point. Joel Silver, who produced the original, will produce this one, which will be written by the guy who did the recent Project X and the 21 Jump Street remake. (The latter is actually pretty funny.) John Hughes, meanwhile, will look down from heaven with trepidation.


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