Out of the many and varied chapters of Courtney Love’s life, her acting career is probably the least outrageous. (She was nominated for a Golden Globe, let’s not forget.) Lately Love’s been preoccupied with a run on Sons Of Anarchy, but now that the show is in its final season, Fox was apparently able to pin Love down long enough to cast her in its music-biz drama Empire.

Love is set to appear in a recurring guest-star role as Elle Dallas, “a hard rock powerhouse who is part of Empire Entertainment’s stable of artists,” alongside series star Terrence Howard. Gabourey Sidibe, having been conditioned to overwrought hysterics by her run on American Horror Story, will also be there. Empire will be directed by The Butler and Precious’ Lee Daniels, who is presumably gathering material for his next project, a harrowing, unflinching account of what it’s like to try to get Courtney Love to show up to set on time.