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Courtney Love thinks she’s found Malaysia Airlines flight 370

Courtney Love believes she has—no joke?—found Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The Hole frontwoman posted an image to her Facebook page that she made using Tomnod, a website that lets users scour satellite images. It’s an image that’s been floating around Reddit today, but Love helpfully annotated the open water, using what appears to be MS Paint to point out where she believes the plane has landed, as well as what she believes to be an oil slick on the water’s surface. While Love notes that she’s “no expert,” she says the satellite shot is “like a mile away Pulau Perek, where they ‘last’ tracked it.” Of course, the image is also from March 12, a full four days after the plane disappeared, and thus probably wouldn’t be visible just below the surface of the ocean if it had crashed there, but what do we know? We’re not Courtney Love.


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