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Courtney Love somehow still has enough dirt left over for a tell-all memoir

America’s embarrassing drunk friend Courtney Love has been the subject of merciless media scrutiny for decades now, but she’s never really gotten to tell her side of her story—unless you count hundreds of print, television, and film interviews, scores of rambling blog posts and tweets, various lawsuits and other public feuds, and that time she showed up at your house really late on, like, a Wednesday night looking really out of it, and she kept going on and on about some girl named “Lisa,” and internally you were like, “Who the fuck is Lisa?” but really you were just trying to placate her and waiting for her monologue to ebb so you could politely tell her that you had to get up for work tomorrow. Anyway, except for all of those times, we haven’t heard much from Courtney Love, which is why she’s now writing a tell-all memoir due next fall. Love has signed a deal with HarperCollins imprint William Morrow to pen an as-yet-untitled book that will, among other things, cover her life with Kurt Cobain, her various drug problems, and her music and acting career. (Suggested title: It’s Not My Fault, You Guys.) Love promises that her book will “set the record straight,” because if there’s one thing you can expect from something Courtney Love writes, it’s clarity.


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