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Courtney Love is considering doing a Nirvana musical on Broadway, insofar as Courtney Love considers anything

Plans have long been in place for Courtney Love to tell her side of the Nirvana story with a movie, in the sense that Courtney Love has a side of the Nirvana story or makes concrete plans. But earlier this week, it was suggested that Love is considering other options for honoring her late husband's legacy, in the same manner in which she has honored it ever since he killed himself, by turning the Nirvana catalogue into a Broadway musical. The sort-of revelation that is also just a natural extension of everything we know about Courtney Love's ideas came in the midst of celebrity manager Sam Lutfi's ongoing libel suit, dropped during a brief pause from Lutfi discussing his totally innocent, constantly aggrieved experience working for Britney Spears, her crystal meth-induced rages and head-shaving, and the time her dad punched him in the stomach.

By way of testifying to his professionalism and positive influence, apparently, Lutfi mentioned that he is also co-manager of Courtney Love, describing her as "an accomplished actress" with whom he's working on this possible Nirvana movie and/or musical. When pressed about it later, Lutfi backed off, saying only, "It's an idea"—much as one might say about Courtney Love and Sam Lutfi never talking about this project ever again, or both of them being sent to a remote and inaccessible island to live out their days in a sickly codependent spiral. It's an idea.


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