New York City landlord Donna Lyon—who finds background checks and reading newspapers equally tedious, apparently—is evicting her tenant Courtney Love for taking an $8 million townhouse and treating it with something less than caution and respect. According to Lyon, she rented the historic four-story property to Love for $27,000 a month—as Love just seemed like a nice person who definitely didn’t have a lot of very public money troubles or history of being careless, we guess. The only caveat: Love could not alter its appearance, which had been carefully designed by its previous occupant, an interior decorator, and featured in Elle Décor. Lyon was then shocked and dismayed to find that Love quickly fell behind on her rent to the tune of $54,000, slapped wallpaper and blue paint everywhere, and nearly burned the house down when a candle set fire to a curtain in the master bedroom. But don’t worry: As Lyon relates, “I got a call from her accountant, who said, ‘Miss Love is fine,’ which I was glad to hear, but I thought, ‘What about the house?” Uh, the house is still in the care of one Ms. Courtney Love! What could you be concerned about?