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Courteney Cox—and the extra ‘e’ in her name—are plotting their return to primetime network television, Variety reports. Namely, Cox is set to star in a new Fox single-camera comedy that’s still in development at the network. The show follows Hailey (Cox), a widow who inherits a charity from her billionaire husband after he dies and “finds that changing the world is far less glamorous than she had imagined.” Some classic charity shenanigans, presumably, ensue.


Written by The Office writer Robert Padnick, the series is still unitled; Padnick previously co-wrote a dating sitcom for NBC with The Office creator Greg Daniels, but the project never went to pilot. His new script will likely fare better with Cox, who is also attached as an executive producer, as its star. In the post-Friends era, Cox has remained a leading lady on television, first on FX’s short-lived Dirt and then on Cougar Town, which moved from ABC to TBS halfway through its sixth and final season last year. We can’t wait for the inevitably overdone “Cox on Fox” promos!

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