Most celebrity splits─see: J. Lo and Marc Anthony─result in little more than tasteless Vanity Fair cover stories and a lifetime of cruel and unusual scrutiny for their poor, defenseless children. In that sense, at least separated it-couple Courteney Cox and David Arquette have opted to use their failed relationship as a creative muse. TV Line reports that Cox and Arquette, who still co-run the preciously dubbed Coquette Productions, are developing a sitcom partially inspired by their bumpy romance. The show has allegedly even floated a working title, 10 Years, and, as it suggests, would humorously chronicle the quirky dynamics among several couples over a decade.

Most accounts have already labeled the rumored project (as of now, ABC Studios has not officially commented) as Friends part deux, although the format seems more akin to How I Met Your Mother. Unless we find out that, after the 10 years are up, everyone dies. That would be weird.