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Country superstar Chris Stapleton marched in the army of the dead on Sunday's Game of Thrones

Screenshot: Chris Stapleton

Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss love to let their pals come to Westeros and get the shit kicked out of them. We saw this just a couple weeks ago, when Martin Starr and Rob McElhenney got the chance to eat some arrows as Ironborn sailors. There’s also the scraggly musicians that nobody noticed, and Ed Sheeran, who everyone noticed (and a lot of people hated). Now, we can add country music superstar Chris Stapleton to the guest roster, as he was among the shambling horde of White Walkers to descend on Winterfell.

Stapleton’s wife Morgane took to Instagram with the moment her five-time Grammy-winning husband arose from the dead.


(It is here that we are duty-bound to slip on our ill-fitting Comic Book Guy t-shirts and note that, actually, Stapleton played a wight—a dead human reanimated by the White Walkers, who are the pale guys on horseback in the Night King’s entourage.)

Stapleton’s bass player J.T. Cure and his tour manager also joined him in the army of the dead. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Stapleton said that he reached out to the show’s producers in hopes of getting a brief cameo, which came to fruition during the show’s alleged 55-day shoot for the Battle of Winterfell in Northern Ireland.


“They knew we weren’t actors,” Stapleton told Rolling Stone. “So the direction was basically, we’re going to place you, and when we tell you to, open your eyes. And they trained us on how White Walkers are supposed to stand up and move when they’re first waking up. We had a crash course in that.”

It remains to be seen if any more famous Thrones fans called in favors for the final three episodes, but if they do, it looks like they’ll probably have to play regular old living people. Maybe Ed Sheeran’s now-disfigured Lannister soldier can show up again to piss everybody off one last time.


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