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Couldn't make it to New York? Experience a My Year of Flops virtual press tour

Hey you guys,

As some of y’all might be aware, the A.V Club recently put out a book called My Year of Flops, which is available via The Onion Store and other places as well. I would like nothing better than to travel the country meeting you fine folks and signing copies of my book for you, as I did during a lovely joint reading with my colleague Maria Schneider (who wrote the glorious A Book of Jean's Own) in New York last Thursday, but the realities of the publishing industry make that an impossibility.


So I figured I’d provide a virtual tour of some of the places My Year of Flops has turned up outside its home here at A.V Club. The good people at nerve.com were considerate enough to feature the book as part of its weekly pop culture mandate. Then it ran an exclusive excerpt of my Case File for The Scarlet Letter(you know, the one with the happy ending and pervasive interracial homoeroticism). In a blatant bit of overkill, Nerve then featured me as part of its “Five Albums You Should Be Listening To Right Now” column.

Huffington Post and The Boston Globe both commissioned me to write essays in connection with the book. I spoke with a super-smart 81-year-old ex-Harvard professor named Milt Rosenberg for an hour and awkwardly deflected listener calls positing Rachel Getting Married as the worst film of all time for WGN Radio’s Extension 720. Television-wise, I appeared on local Detroit news the morning after the Insane Clown Posse Halloween concert in an Ol’ Dirty Bastard shirt to discuss my book and Detroit’s favorite sons and on a local CBS affiliate.

Time was kind enough to interview me and put it on its “Short List” of Critic’s Picks a few weeks back and the New York Times was nice enough to include this nice little plug for the book.  I’ve got more appearances lined up for the next  few weeks but I figured that since the vast majority of you couldn’t make it to my readings (I want to thank everyone who did) you might want to be kept abreast of my book’s various misadventures far from home.

Thanks also to everyone who's picked up the book. I'm very proud of it and I've been very encouraged by the reception it's gotten so far.


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