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Could the Wachowski Bros.' "hard-R Iraq War gay love story" finally put them back on top?

Outside of the occasional denial/implicit confirmation of Larry’s transformation into “Lana,” we haven’t heard much from the Wachowski Brothers ever since 2008’s candy-colored cacophony, Speed Racer. However, Deadline is reporting that the Wachowskis have now begun quietly shopping their next film, a “hard R” love story that takes place in the near future, then flashes back several years to the current war to explore a homosexual relationship between a U.S. soldier and an Iraqi. Besides that solid, can’t-miss premise—sure to please every “Support Our Troops” sticker-bearer in the heartland—the as-yet-untitled film has some slightly odder aspects, including cameos from Arianna Huffington and Jesse Ventura as weirdo futuristic versions of themselves in crazy wigs. In late 2009, Huffington posted a few set photos to Twitter. Last week, Jesse Ventura appeared on Howard Stern’s show confirming his own participation, saying he’d shot some ad-libbed test footage and offering these details:

"Wait til you hear what they did. They brought me, and they brought Arianna Huffington in after me. Arianna was there, and they had her looking like Cleopatra. What they did… Do you remember what John Travolta looked like in that horrible film Battlefield Earth? They put multicolored dreadlocks on me all the way to here. They gave me this crazy beard that was hanging down pointed, looked like Travolta, right? And they put a third eye in the middle of my forehead. Because what this is, is this is a hundred years in the future, and they wanted me to talk about the current war in Iraq and how I felt about it. And so I got to vent, looking like this maniac in this whole outfit.”


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