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Cougar Town launching nationwide viewing party tour

Cougar Town, that other critically praised cult sitcom to be yanked from a network’s midseason schedule next year, is going several extra miles to drum up fan support with a nationwide tour, according to co-creator Bill Lawrence. So far viewing parties of new episodes of the show have been confirmed on Dec. 27 in Atlanta, Louisville, and Sarasota, with more expected to follow in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Phoenix, Austin, San Francisco, San Diego, Connecticut, and Philadelphia. “These are not ABC events,” Lawrence took pains to remind jilted fans (probably redundantly) on Twitter, adding, “They’re ‘Bill and Kevin [Biegel, co-creator] are idiots’ events.” In addition to the chance to see new episodes, win prizes, and participate in Penny Can tournaments—and presumably, drink lots of wine—Lawrence guarantees that at least one regular cast member and/or writer will be in attendance at each party, which could be good news for anyone plotting to trap Busy Philipps in a giant jar. For ticket info and future venue announcements, follow Lawrence's Twitter account. [via Variety]


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