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Cougar Town is officially moving to TBS

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Saving ABC from having to go to the trouble of announcing its cancellation and skipping right to the positive news, TBS has confirmed those earlier rumors that it will pick up Cougar Town for a fourth season beginning in 2013. So far that's one season less than expected, with most believing the network would go ahead and commit to enough episodes to get the show comfortably into syndication territory. But with TBS also gaining the rights to begin airing reruns of its first three seasons, it seems likely that this is still the plan, provided Cougar Town can clear the lowered ratings expectations of basic cable. (And the network's commitment to Conan suggests it will consider this fellow broadcast refugee a similar crown jewel, no matter how well it actually performs.) The wine-soaked antics of the Cougar Town gang will anchor what's proving to be an ambitious slate of original comedy programming for TBS, which has three other non-Tyler Perry sitcoms in the works for this year and seems really intent on having that "Very Funny" tagline stop sounding so sarcastic.


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