Now that Shakespearean sitcom Work It has departed our pop-cultural plane, at least until its First Folio can be compiled, ABC has announced plans to replace it with the returning Cougar Town—a show that does not have men in drag, but is nevertheless considered a comedy. Cougar Town’s (reduced) third season will kick off on Tuesday, February 14, in a new 8:30 p.m. ET time slot that finds it following Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, despite Cougar Town also not having anything poignant to say about the troublesome emasculation of the American male. But although it’s definitely not an ideal pairing, it’s certainly welcome news for fans of a beloved cult sitcom that was unceremoniously yanked from the midseason schedule and that is also not Community, whose fans will just have to console themselves by making the same Cougarton Abbey jokes they make every time anyone brings up Cougar Town.