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Costco sells $400,000 rings, apparently, and somebody actually bought one

Photo: DiamondGalaxy (iStock)

We can only imagine how this shopping trip went off: a 24-pack of paper towels, a box of LaCroix, the usual multitude of granola bars, and oh yeah, how about that ring that costs more than the price of some houses?

You may not have known that Costco sells diamond rings, but a quick search on its website shows that it actually has more than 400 such options available. Why not, it has everything else, like Clorox wipes, pajamas, and $1.50 hot dogs. But CNBC reports that someone reportedly purchased the store’s highest priced ring—a 10-carat diamond platinum solitaire—for $419,999.99 (really, you couldn’t just round it up to $420,000 at that point?).


The purchase even affected Costco’s quarterly earnings, as “the warehouse retailer said during its latest quarter ended May 12 it got a sales boost thanks to a customer purchasing one of its rings for more than $400,000.” That $420K ring is the only one that retails that high on the Costco website. And since Costco is known for deals, maybe that pricey ring would have cost even more somewhere else? (Although a lot of those deals rely on buying in bulk—which obviously wouldn’t apply in this case.)

It’s a far cry from the $1.50 hot dog, at any rate.

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