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Corporate synergy reigns as Inside Out characters watch Age of Ultron trailer

Illustration for article titled Corporate synergy reigns as iInside Out/i characters watchi Age of Ultron/i trailer

In a few hours, after a year of hype and mash-ups and Lego versions of various trailers, the world will get to see Avengers: Age Of Ultron. And while the reviews have been middling to positive, there’s one group that’s still amped to see it: the personified emotions of a young girl. And, surprise, surprise, this is best accomplished by having the cast of Inside Out—Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness—react to the trailer for Age Of Ultron.


It’s uncertain how much original dialogue or animation was used in this video put out by Disney/Pixar, but using a little girl’s emotional reaction to the spectacle of Joss Whedon’s latest mimics the prepubescent joy sure to be felt by viewers of all ages. Anger enjoys the bombastic destruction of Ultron, Joy revels in Black Widow’s exploits, and Sadness mostly just mopes about. To recap: Marvel’s new movie uses a song from Disney’s Pinocchio, and now Pixar characters are reacting to the latest superhero movie. Ain’t corporate synergy grand?

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