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Cornershop’s new video could induce dance-inspired hypnosis

Tjinder Singh, a cute dog, Angharad

Most alt-rock obsessed thirtysomethings remember Cornershop, the British band that hit it semi-big in 1997 with “Brimful Of Asha.” The band’s still kicking, though, and even has a new single, the video for which The A.V. Club is premiering below. Called “Pinpoint,” the track matches up Cornershop’s Tjinder Singh with Welsh singer Accü, who’s also known as Trwbador’s singer Angharad. The accompanying clip is full of all sorts of gymnastic street dancing that blends hip-hop moves with European folk dancing in a visual mix that’s positively hypnotic.

The “Pinpoint” single is out July 17 on Singh’s Ample Play Records.

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